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Waxing your legs without removing the hair…..

Right, it has been a VERY long time since I have written anything, but life has sort of taken over! Even after I promised myself I would keep writing!

Today, I am purely writing because I need a rant.

When we are young, schools talk about how to tell us about sex education, they talk about periods (I remember at my school the boys were sent out of the class whilst the teachers told us all about it! Would have been better if they had stayed in and got the full information I think!), then, there are endless articles about periods, pregnancy, sex and more.

But, there are not endless articles about menopause. I don’t see talk shows talking about it all the time, I don’t even see women of the same age as me talking about it.

So, what do we do, we try to work it out for ourselves. We think we can find all the information and it will all be ok!

So, yes, you can find information on hot flushes (aren’t they fun!), mood swings (not so much a drama my end, but the people around me I am sure are feeling it – I am having a full week of mood swings this week) and so on!

I had my son quite early in life, and knew I didn’t want to have more children, so I couldn’t wait to for menopause to happen. I used to make jokes about it, I used to think not having to put up with monthly periods would be a breeze.


Oh, yes, today, I have period pain, the type that is exhausting, just that ‘dull, all day’ type of pain. Combine it with a few mood swings, a couple of hot flushes, and you know what I am talking about.

What should happen when you are learning about periods, is they should tell you the FULL CYCLE – i.e what happens once your fertile years are over!

It almost doesn’t seem fair – after all, what is the point of period pain with no period!

More to point, try explaining it to someone (anyone!) – you can’t even say ‘my period is due, so I am feeling a bit off’….no, because you know your period isn’t coming, it is just going to be a few days of period pain – it is almost like going through the pain of waxing your legs, just to find they are still hairy.

Yes, thats it! Menopausal period pain – waxing your legs without removing the hair! It is such a pain (pardon the pun!!)

I know, some people will not understand this, but if you are menopausal, it is time we demand people start talking about it!

After all, thats what we should be doing as a MAGS!

Rant over, until next time!

Mags xx



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