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I am one lucky person!

I have woken up this morning to discover yet ANOTHER shooting in America. As I write this, 26 people are dead. This gives me food for thought…why am I complaining and whinging about Menopause?!! Having hot flashes, being moody and generally going through all the symptoms you deal with daily with menopause is nothing compared…… Continue reading I am one lucky person!

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Where is the ‘Pause’ in ‘Menopause’?

Research shows that once you are a year into Menopause, you cannot get pregnant (unless you are one of those people taking HRT, and are unaware that it still CAN happen! NO THANK YOU! ) So, why isn’t Menopause called ‘Menostop’ or ‘Meno made me into a Sweaty, Sleepy, Bloated and forgetful Bitch’!!! After all,…… Continue reading Where is the ‘Pause’ in ‘Menopause’?

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Netflix – pull yourself together!!!

So, Netflix, in their wisdom, have suspended production on House of Cards because of the Kevin Spacey drama going on. Well, this makes me MAD!! For those of you that haven’t seen House of Cards, it is a TV show about a ‘Power COUPLE’ (YES, NOTE THE SHOUTING ABOUT THE COUPLE BIT!!). I really liked…… Continue reading Netflix – pull yourself together!!!